Published Works

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New essay about writing:

A Tale of Two (or more) Agents

Writing Family Memoir:

Re-Thinking an Essay – After It’s Too Late Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog 3/27/17

A Stranger At the Door. Would You Open It?” Chicago Tribune, 3/3/2017

Have I Got a Residency for You,” Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog, 11/1/2016

“Phillip Lopate’s Handkerchief,” Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog, 8/29/2016

Be the Best Writer You Can Be,” The Tishman Review, 2/9/2016

Ectoplasm in Dorm Rooms,” The Tishman Review, 10/6/2015
A new essay about going back to get an MFA as an “older” student.

Some Notes on the Teaching of Writing,” The Tishman Review, 8/28/2015

Short Stories

The Notebook (a short-short story) Originally published in online journal TRAIN LIT MAG (6/29/17)

“Lucky Penny” (short-short story published online in Flash Fiction Magazine 8/22/2017)

The Widow’s Wall,” Clapboard House Journal, 2015

The Pink and White Terraces of New Zealand originally published in South Boston Literary Gazette (best in issue)

Clear Creek (a short story) (originally published in the literary journal Red Rock Review)

The Hunt (a short story) (published in American Way, the in-flight magazine for American Airlines)

Click (a short story) (Winner of the Pioneer Press short story contest)

With the World’s Great Travelers