Taking Stock at the New Year

(Originally published in Main Line Life 1/16/08)

Every year at this time I vow that I will manage my time better and finally get organized. I have been working toward this elusive goal for decades, yet when I look around me it appears I haven’t made much progress. My biggest accomplishment seems to be that I move things from one pile to another pile, and then I move the piles around. Sometimes I even move the piles from one room to another room where they join – you guessed it – more piles.

My excuse is always the same. I simply don’t have enough time; enough hours in the day to go through the trivial stuff that needs to be taken care of. The stuff you can’t make yourself throw away until you look at it again to make sure you should throw it away. The stuff you save because someday you are magically going to have enough time to get organized. The problem is, I am never going to have more time – none of us are. Every single person I know; man, woman, and even child, is frantically busy, and we all have the same complaint – there’s just not enough time.

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No Right Turn on Red

(Originally published in the Philadelphia Inquirer 3/31/05)

Every day I follow basically the same route driving to and from work assignments and running errands. And every day I am amazed as I pull up to a certain red light in my community where it is boldly posted: No Turn On Red. What I am amazed at is the number of drivers who ignore the sign and turn right on the red light anyway.

As I sit in my car, waiting for the light to turn green, I wonder what it is about the wording of the sign that some people don’t understand. It seems clear to me – No Turn on Red. It doesn’t say No Turn on Red Except When A Police Car is Not Visible. It doesn’t say No Turn on Red, Except For You in the Lexus. And it doesn’t say No Turn on Red Unless You Are Running Late.
Nevertheless, every single day, I am witness to a number of drivers who choose to disobey the mandate of that particular road sign. I may be more sensitive to this issue as just a few years ago I spent a substantial amount of time in my car with two teenage drivers enrolled in a Driver Education class.

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Welcome to my author website. I am posting here some of my previously published writing, and also links to more recent and current published essays and short stories. And, if that’s not enough, you can also follow me on Twitter!    

One day I looked around my office and there were stacks of paper copies of essays I had published. Yes, stacks. Besides constituting a fire hazard, it was also beginning to look like the lair of a paper hoarder. Since it seems unlikely that my “papers, notebooks, and ephemera” will be acquired for a vast sum of money any time soon by a prestigious university, like Jonathan Lethem’s recently were, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I am creating, here on my website, my own archive! I will post as many essays as I have published that I can find, and that I still deem worthy of sharing, going as far back as the 1980s, when I published my very first one in The Los Angeles Times. Read on!