The Pink and White Terraces of New Zealand

I found this amazing set of books at a swap meet several years ago: “With the World’s Great Travelers.” I think the set was about $40. The bindings are pretty shredded and the book covers are not in the best shape, but the inside pages are intact and very readable. I love browsing through them to get possible story ideas. There are a lot of first-person travel stories from a world that no longer exists. Case in point: The Pink and White Terraces of New Zealand, a onetime “Wonder of the World,” that was obliterated in a volcanic eruption in 1886. I used the descriptions of travelers who had seen this wonder, and wove it into a story of a young woman who might have traveled there. You can read my story in a separate post today.

Corpse Flowers

Today I ran over to the Chicago Botanic Garden as soon as I got an email that was sent out to members, that two corpse flowers were going to be in a rare dual bloom for about twenty-four hours. As a writer who has written several short stories about husbands who meet unsavory endings, I knew I had to witness the blooming of a corpse flower. Not sure how I will use it yet, but there are certainly some possibilities…

I’m Back to My Website…

After taking the month of May off from my daily postings to this website, I will be back tomorrow, June 1st. I will still be sharing some previously published work, as well as links to current essays and stories. Also, I may post new work or commentary that is too long for Twitter, but not long enough for a “normal” essay. Thanks for following my blog!

See You in June…

Dear blog readers: I have been posting one of my published essays and/or short stories every day since November 1st. Six months straight of daily postings. Now I am editing a book that I recently finished writing, so I am taking the month of May to immerse myself in that project. In the meantime, I will still be posting on Twitter, so please follow me there… I will also share here links to any brand new essays or stories that might appear this month. Or I may have a random brilliant thought (it could happen) and want to share that with readers.

In the meantime, you are welcome to go back and browse through the past six months of postings. At about 750-800 words an essay, that’s about 144,000 words, or two books!

Thank you for reading and following my work, and if you would like to contact me, my email is

Cheers, Kathy Stevenson